New work


I’ve taken a class in how to illustrate childrens books and it was faboulus! Over five weeks I’ve gotten loads of tips and tricks from Lilla Rogers and Zoe Tucker at Make art that sells, while I’ve been hard at work drawing and drawing to learn as much as I can about characters, emotions, poses and environment, they have taught me loads and been there with peptalks.


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I always have a sketchbook with me, to try different ways to draw things, to capture things I see or doodle away with a coffee. For the past six months I’ve sketched every day and its a combined diary and collection if icons for later use. Sometimes people ask if I will color it in and the reply is usually “I don’t know, maybe later”, becuse the sketchbook is just for the joy of drawing. I can go back months later to fill it in or scan for a project.